About Us

About Hookies

At Hookies, we’re people’s people. We enjoy building long-term business relationships with all of our customers and ensuring they’re always taken care of. We’ve been in the business for quite a long time and know exactly what is needed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

We care about bringing value to the UK e-scooter market, and we strive to continue doing just that for as long as the population needs transportation – which is going to be quite a while… especially in the current climate.

If you want to purchase a high-quality and affordable e-scooter from a business focused on expressing integrity and trust, Hookies is the place to go!

With high-street chains only increasing their prices while sending their products overseas for repairs, we’ve created a system where you can purchase these high-quality products and have them serviced and repaired in-house too.

We hope that legislation soon catches up with what the public are demanding, the legalisation of Scooters! The way we see it, the cars can be very expensive and public transport is best avoided.

Although we see more of these on the roads it must be pointed out that currently they are only to be used on private land by the letter of the law.

Why Choose Hookies?

Throughout our years of experience and research into our competitors, we’ve realised that the way business is currently conducted is not well-positioned to guarantee customers the satisfaction they deserve. We conduct our business with integrity and trust, and we add a little “human-factor” to our relationships with our customers. What’s more, we believe e-scooters to be a much eco-friendlier way to get around than any other mode of transportation (unless you want to commute by foot!).

Our Mission

To produce high-quality, reliable, and affordable e-scooters for the UK market while establishing a trusting business relationship with each customer. Through trust and integrity, we’ll surely move mountains!

Our Vision

To become the first choice when it comes to dependable, reasonably priced, and high-value e-scooters and e bikes in the UK. We want to build our business to a point where people know they can count on us to look after them. We’re based in Portsmouth, UK, and offer free delivery nationwide. All repairs are done in-house, and we are more than happy to share our expert advice on our products and services.

Furthermore, our passion lies in innovation. We believe that e-scooters have the potential to play an integral role in reducing the use of cars, lowering air pollution, and lessening congestion in cities. No more headache traffic in the morning and no more queues at the train station.