iEnyrid Wholesale




Firstly, and most importantly there is no financial risk to you at all. It really is risk free So, this is how it works. You as the retailer are free to advertise where you like, whether is Facebook marketplace, Gumtree or any other social media platform. Even selling to your Friends, family and work colleagues. There is no limit as to where you can advertise.

The first option is you sell you the scooter for £529. You collect payment for it and once you have paid us for it we will send it out via the courier to your customer. We will then deposit your profit in a bank account of your choosing. Your customer if they want to feel more secure can order through our website which won’t affect your profit at all.

Alternatively, you can purchase your scooter direct from us to and have it sent to your home address. When you sell it, you simply buy another one to replace it. This is the best and most risk-free way of starting a retail business with absolutely no outlay.

Hookies e-scooters have now been trading for 4 years and we have an excellent reputation in this sector. Please take your time to do your research. You're already on the website and you can check out our Facebook page “Hookies”

Oh yes, the profit! How much will you earn? Message us to find out or talk to Craig on 07931583721 We will even supply spare parts should the scooter malfunction through component failure. The warranty does not cover water damage, crash damage, abuse, tyres and punctures.